Hi I’m Grant Dennis

I stand for a world where people are afforded the opportunity to become a participator, in regards to their health; instead of a spectator. In a world, where we are defined by being “normal”, and placed on the sidelines with no answers to common health issues, I provide hope and a solution for people, who want to get back in the game of health, and be a vibrant part of their community.


The Outfitter is for uncommon outdoor sports enthusiasts who want to be apart of a community that understand that by being healthy, it affords them the opportunity to be more productive in their work, and home environment so that they can spend more money and time on the things they love doing. We help be your guide on all things related to health, hunting, and fishing so that you can, in turn, become an outfitter in your friends and families lives. A room full of Game Changers dedicated to a bigger vision.

What Patients Say…

Since receiving upper cervical care, my life has changed

“Before upper cervical care I struggled with unrelenting fatigue and tiredness. I had weekly headaches and neck pain.

Since receiving upper cervical care, my life has changed in that I have much more energy and I feel 100% better and happier! My stomach no longer irritates me and I don’t have headaches. I have energy and motivation and feel great. I am so thankful to have found Specific Chiropractic.”

-Natalie Zollinger